Welcome to TICA's Legislative Committee web pages.
Providing guidance to fanciers on opposing legislation in their area.

We help fanciers oppose unreasonable and detrimental animal control legislation in their area.
To this end the Legislative Committee of The International Cat Association will:
  • Be aware of and increase awareness among fanciers regarding local, state and federal legislative issues in all regions which may negatively impact pet ownership and the cat fancy;
  • Provide a resource center to advise, educate and enable fanciers to fight legislation determined by the Legislative Committee to have a detrimental effect on pet owners, breeders and all fanciers; and advance beneficial legislation or otherwise become involved in the legislative process; and
  • Organize and prepare calls to actions when appropriate and mobilize fanciers to act upon such calls to action.

Unreasonable legislation is proposed for many complex reasons including the source of surplus dogs and cats, animal control policies (including whether the shelter spays or neuters their animals prior to adoption), pet ownership education or rather lack thereof, and availability of pet friendly housing.

Defeating unreasonable legislation is dependent upon cat fanciers working together to apply appropriate pressure on law makers. Everybody's help is needed to preserve the ability of fanciers to breed pedigreed cats.

Currently the most comprehensive list of legislation in the United States NATIONWIDE which has the potential to affect the Cat Fancy is located at the following website:


Jay Bangle
Chairperson, Legislative Committee

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